Quality Assurance

With more than 180 qualified inspectors, in different industries, we guarantee that our client’s manufacturing needs are being met. Ensuring that the quality, certifications and specifications of the production and suppliers’ facilities are up to our client’s standards.

Quality Control

Our inspectors are experts in each field and handle inspections based on worldwide standards. Providing us with elements to accept or dismiss an order.

Mitigating Risk

As a quality assurance service, we protect your investment, look for your interests and give you the right conditions to protect your investment.

Investment control

With our services we will provide you with the right information to analyze your purchases in Spain, analyzing milestones in your supply chain.

From Our Clients

“We are saving time to import the goods to South America as we do loading inspection at origin, making custom clearance process to become easier”



With the inspections of PRYBUT TRADING LLC we have been able to minimize the risk in every order we buy for our brand to protect our investment.”

Nicholas Vasquez


With the information provided in their reports, we are able to take actions in case there is a problem with the mass production from Spain

Mattie Casey


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